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Strategy development

Strategy development allows companies to get an objective external perspective of their business in order to build stable and long-term relationships with investors and customers. The systems approach is designed to save companies time and help them use all available opportunities to increase the success of their communications projects.

The strategy development service consists of competitive analysis, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business, defining short-term or long-term communication goals, and project development planning.

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International connection

When entering international markets, it is important to understand the challenges and legal restrictions associated with communications in another country. Professional support can ensure that companies are fully prepared for an unfamiliar communication environment.

This service includes analysis of the local landscape and identification of target sources, identification and establishment of key performance indicators, development of a media campaign and its implementation on the spot.

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Content marketing

n order to keep a company’s clients active and engaged, it helps to attract them with useful, expertly prepared content published in social media, traditional media, and personal and company blogs. The content marketing service consists of social media audit and strategy development, and preparation of articles for blogs and traditional media, in order to create an appropriate brand image in the information space.
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Media relations

Even the most innovative and promising companies can remain unknown without the right media relations and a cohesive media strategy.

The media relations service includes the development of a personal strategy plus the creation of news and articles aimed at creating a suitable brand image in the news space.

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Building a personal brand

Behind the brand of every company, there is always a person. However, if you want to be seen as a thought leader independent of your company, personal branding is an important element of your positioning.

Personal branding service includes defining your goals, competitive analysis and creating a “brand portrait” and tone recommendations. This also includes organizing media appearances and maintaining the brand image on social media.

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Media training

Communication with journalists is an art, both for public relations specialists and for representatives of companies. Using professional strategies and techniques can help you build strong working relationships with the media community. Media training – an information session for those wishing to place publications in various media. He will shed light on the psychology of journalists and explain how to apply this knowledge in the interests of the company.
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Crisis communications

Companies can face a media crisis for a variety of reasons; from incorrect positioning to adverse external circumstances beyond your control. Whatever the driver, creating a new image or transforming an old one is a painstaking and difficult task. The crisis communication service includes identifying the company’s weaknesses and points of failure, developing a brand repositioning strategy in the media space and the full implementation of the project.
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Investment PR

Public relations help increase the credibility of the company, its founders, the uniqueness of the business and the professionalism of the team. It is not only about the trust of customers, but also of investors and partners. Smart PR directly affects funding, and if you want to attract investment in a year, create brand communications today.

The investment public relations service includes strategy development, news production and interview preparation to increase brand awareness in the investment community and create a proper brand image in the minds of potential partners. This also includes looking for opportunities to expand the network of company founders.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is aimed at creating a positive image, and increasing awareness and loyalty of target audiences by working with opinion leaders in social networks. Influencer marketing helps to demonstrate authority, expertise, and leadership in the industry by leveraging the audience’s trust in the influencer.

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