Irakli Gagua

Irakli Gagua

Business growth strategies for high-tech companies

I’m a professional business developer specializing in branding, web development, and events marketing. If you’ve got an exciting project, get in touch with me!

My Story

Everyone Deserves
What They Believe

I have been socially active since childhood, curious and asking a lot of questions; The most common question that came out of my mouth was “Why?”. When I was little, I always had a very rich imagination and creativity, and I had a natural ability to connect with people around me. As an adult, this imagination became my mission, and my natural ability to connect with others became my superpower in communication.

It was this combination of skills and abilities that led me to a career in global PR, where the key to success is abstract thinking and working with different cultures.

Our Client

working with our clients we contribute to the development of the industry
Business development strategy

Strategic Vision
And Development

Careful study of our client’s business, market opportunities, and strategic thinking allow us to analyze and anticipate the necessary contribution to business development.

My team and I help to integrate our research into the business of existing clients.


In order to keep a company’s clients active and engaged, it helps to attract them with useful, expertly prepared content published in social media, traditional media, and personal and company blogs.

Even the most innovative and promising companies can remain unknown without the right media relations and a cohesive media strategy.
When entering international markets, it is important to understand the challenges and legal restrictions associated with communications in another country. Professional support can ensure that companies are fully prepared for an unfamiliar communication environment.

Behind the brand of every company, there is always a person. However, if you want to be seen as a thought leader independent of your company, personal branding is an important element of your positioning.

Verdugo Mountains

Strategy development allows companies to get an objective external perspective of their business in order to build stable and long-term relationships with investors and customers.

Personal Blog

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I like your work
Good jobs

" The best. I also want to say thank you to all your staff. We have already seen amazing results. Very easy to use"

Michael Sopkiw
CEO of Miron Glass USA
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